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Stuck In Ohio is a frame of mind. One that was instilled in us from a young age. Growing up on 300 acres of Northeastern Ohio farmland, there was never a shortage of fun, or work. As we grew in our quest for adventure, we used those three words as motivation, to prove to ourselves that we could accomplish the same feats, and have the same amount of enjoyment as others, while staying true to our roots and not bailing on our home in search of more pristine climates. As time went on, we came across many others who shared our passion. It is simply a hard-nosed approach at the timeless, do what you can with what you have mantra, but we strive daily to exceed our potential within our surroundings. We refer to it as having a “Midwest Work Ethic”, where everything we want to accomplish requires hard work, hustle, and grit.


Too often you hear “you can’t do that in Ohio, that’s not possible”, and we have chosen to make it our mission to shoot down that stigma. With a solidified history in the action sports scene since 2003, our outlook has always been to enhance Ohio’s image by promoting outdoor recreation, both on a local and national level. We are nothing without our roots and surroundings, so we aim to continuously give back to the things that got us to where we are.

Our Community

We are one extended family of like-minded individuals who share the same mindset, and that is to make the most out of every situation. We push ourselves, and anyone we meet, to become better individuals in all aspects of life. Our love of the region has never wavered, and the more we explore the world, the stronger our bond grows with the place we get to call home. Ultimately, we are all fun-craving big kids at heart who do what we love, and love what we do.


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Stuck In Ohio