Hours and hours of ruthless training has put Olympian Nick Bruce in a spot to compete at the world’s highest level. His everyday routine embodies the hustle. Produced for Rockstar Energy

Nick Bruce built his private dream park called the Brewhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. Nick is part of Team USA cycling along side Canton, Ohio native Marcus Christopher featured in this video.

Nick Bruce doing what he does best at his private bmx training setup called the Brewhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, alongside his Rockstar Energy teammate Marcus Christopher.

One Mountain Biker Nicholi Rogatkin, One BMX Biker Nick Bruce, and one filmer Danny Mizicko get a 48-hour all access pass to the best indoor bike park in the world, Ray's Indoor Bike Park. This is what happens when like minded individuals team up and choose to let skill, determination, and perseverance speak for themselves. Had to put sleep on hold for 3 days because there was work to be done. This is our winning entry to the Ray's Odd Couple Bike Contest. Special Thanks to Kali Protectives for sponsoring our team.

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